Base Station Pro

Reference station for network and standalone solutions

Easy and quick usage and integration into the network

Monitoring, alarms and history charts included

Seamless implementation into IQ Proxy

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Easy installation

Secure VPN connection

No need for public and static IP address

Transparent connection from server point of view

IPv6 ready

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Base Station Pro Monitoring

Sensor data logging

Antenna tilt visualization

Satellite skyplot

Weather sensor visualization

Variables history charts

Base Station Pro

Navmatix_piktogram_cmyk   Ready to use GNSS Reference Station including server hosting and network infrastructure

Navmatix_piktogram_cmyk   Easy to install and get started

Navmatix_piktogram_cmyk   Perfect solution for network integration and standalone use

Navmatix_piktogram_cmyk   Automatic configuration available

Navmatix_piktogram_cmyk   Scalable

Navmatix_piktogram_cmyk  Durable antenna mast and mounting

Navmatix_piktogram_cmyk  Stainless adjustable antenna head

Navmatix_piktogram_cmyk   Integrated: sensors of humidity, pressure, temperature and inclinometer

Variants of Base Station Pro

Type 1


Standard reference station with all sensors, antenna mast

Type 2


Standard reference station with all sensors, antenna mast – roof mounted

Type 3


RS with PV panel – ON GRID

Type 4


RS with PV panel – OFF GRID


Producer corporate web pages.

Complex planning of GNSS mission on-line.

Open GNSS network for everybody.

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