Reference station TYPE 3

Reference station with PV panel – backup system

Base Station Rack with backup power

Dimensions: 1350 x 600 x 550 mm
Backup power system – batteries – 24 hours guarantee
Base Station Rack is supplied without GNSS receiver

Lightning arrestor


Bandwidth of protection: 0 kHz – 3,5 GHz

Test current impulse IZRP: 2,5 kA for pulse of 10/350 μs

Connector: N/F-M

Attenuation/reflection coefficient in the working bandwidth: better than -0.4 dB/-20 dB

Max. residual voltage on the protected output with IZRP applied: < ± 100 Vp-p, for tZRP >250 ns

lighting-arrestor-2 lighting-arrestor-1

Gigabit Ethernet overvoltage protection

Operating temperature: -40° to 70° C

Maximum discharge current (8/20 μs) line-line: 30 A

Maximum discharge current (8/20 μs) line-PE: 10 kA

Response time line-line: 1 ns

Response time line-PE: 100 ns

Voltage protection level line-line: < 15 V

Voltage protection level line-PE (1kV/μs): < 600 V

GNSS Antenna mast

Ready for Base Station Pro solution
Ready for adjustable head and Sensor SET
Easy installation and fixing

Material: Galvanized iron + stainless metal

Height: 2.5 m


BSP Link

LTE, Dual SIM, WiFi

Power consumption: <7W

Operating temperature: -40° to 75° C

Operating humidity: 10% to 90% non-condensing


Power supply (battery)

Backup time (without GNSS receiver) ~20 hours (at 20°C)

Operating temperature: 0° to 50° C

Sensor SET

Set of modules designed to monitor various characteristics of GNSS Antenna and its surroundings.

SET consists of:
inclinometer and accelerometer: max ±0,05° (at 20° C)
humidity: 1,8%RH
pressure: ±4 mbar
temperature: ±0,2°C

Working temperature is -40°C až +80°C

Adjustable head for Sensor SET

New adjustable head was developed for Sensor SET.

Sophisticated solution allows all sensor work with maximum accuracy and stay safe hidden.


This type doesn´t include pillar and holder for PV panel.