Be up to date with Base Station Pro Monitoring

Navmatix_piktogram_cmyk   Live GNSS data

Navmatix_piktogram_cmyk   Live weather station data

Navmatix_piktogram_cmyk   Live tilt sensor data

Navmatix_piktogram_cmyk  Automatic warnings and notifications

Navmatix_piktogram_cmyk  Site and support information

Navmatix_piktogram_cmyk   Live antenna adjustment process

Navmatix_piktogram_cmyk   Visual feedback

Navmatix_piktogram_cmyk   Guided antenna leveling

Navmatix_piktogram_cmyk  Antenna tilt values

Navmatix_piktogram_cmyk  Adjustment screw turns

Navmatix_piktogram_cmyk  Tilt sensor parameters



Navmatix_piktogram_cmyk  Weather station data history

Navmatix_piktogram_cmyk  Tilt sensor data history

Navmatix_piktogram_cmyk   Zoom and pan charts

Navmatix_piktogram_cmyk   Browse chart history



Navmatix_piktogram_cmyk  Live receiver information

Navmatix_piktogram_cmyk   Overall receiver parameters

Navmatix_piktogram_cmyk   Receiver’s storage parameters

Navmatix_piktogram_cmyk   Receiver’s power information

Navmatix_piktogram_cmyk   Receiver’s firmware infomration

Navmatix_piktogram_cmyk   Receiver options



Navmatix_piktogram_cmyk   Live GNSS receiver tracking overview

Navmatix_piktogram_cmyk   Signal tracking details

Navmatix_piktogram_cmyk   Satellite details

Navmatix_piktogram_cmyk   Satellite health status


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